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From the arid canyons of Arizona to the wooded hills of the Vesdre valley, from the banks of the Rio Grande to the banks of the Meuse, Luc Dejardin, the High Fens lonesome cowboy takes you on an extraordinary journey populated by colorful characters by singing you a repertoire of mythical or unknown songs, or both, and takes you into his dusty and hostile universe to the sound of his guitar and harmonicas.


Des canyons arides de l’Arizona aux collines boisées de la vallée de la Vesdre, des rives du Rio Grande aux berges de la Meuse, Luc Dejardin, le cowboy solitaire des hautes Fagnes vous embarque dans un voyage extraordinaire peuplé de personnages hauts en couleur en vous serinant un répertoire de chansons mythiques ou inconnues, voire les deux, et vous entraîne dans son univers poussiéreux et hostile au son de sa guitare et ses harmonicas.

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Jane's Mysterious Husbands

All That You Need

Building New Memories

Epouvante Adolescente

Exhausted Creepy Plumber

Glitch Of The Night

Green Ribbon Around Your Head

In The Tramway To Countryside

Is There Another World ?

Last Evening In Memory Motel

Setting The Reign Of Margaret

Stealing In The Lab

There Is Hope In The Garden
All Scores © 2019
By Sergio Salma


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